Our 1000 pound break strength non-electric dog fence is a proven and tested system developed nationwide over the last 5 years on virtually every type of dog and property. This dog specific fence is a combination of a high strength UV protected polypropylene mesh and metal hex wire as a chew and dig guard. It is flared into the property flat on the ground at a right angle and staked down with effective kinked ground stakes.

Nearly Invisible. Our dog fencing system is virtually undetectable from as little as 15 feet away. Due to the use of black components our system blends into natural environments. The high tension cable system in place of traditional rails allows fences to nearly disappear from most angles.

Cost Effective. Our non-electric engineered hybrid fence systems are the most affordable and complete systems available. They can be installed with post spacing up to 30 feet apart, trees or other structures can be used as posts and the are no holes do dig or significant modification to the landscape necessary.    Because we have set up the kits and detailed instructions to make install easy with no special tools, this really is something you or anyone you choose can install, just about anywhere. One of the reasons is because we can use trees or other structures instead of using posts every five feet like alternative solutions. This means that posts can sometimes be spaced out up to 25 feet. The height and strength of the system is adjusted for each dog type,owner and property. Complete Do it yourself install kits start at $6.00 per linear foot and professional installation starts at $9.00 per linear foot.

Easily Customized and Expandable. Dog enclosures can be built for a small run area or to enclose an entire property.
We can create a fenced area within your budget because this unique system can be easily enlarged or otherwise modified at anytime. 
Galvanized vinyl coated posts are not set in concrete, a sleeve system makes them very strong and easily moved if necessary.

Flexible. Our non-electric dog fence can be installed on uneven or challenging grounds such as hills, streams, wooded or rocky areas due to the flexibility of the materials and its ability to vary the spacing of posts and the use of trees when possible.

Can't I get the same type of protection from an in-ground or wireless dog fence? As many of our customers have found out these systems simply don't work. Dogs can run right through electric fences. Additionally, this is what PETA has to say about why using an electric fence is bad for your dog:

  Dogs whose yards are surrounded by electronic fences may develop fear or aggression aimed at what they believe is the source of the shock (kids riding by on bikes, the mail carrier, the dog next door, etc.). Dogs have been known to run through electronic barriers when frightened by fireworks or chasing a squirrel and then be too scared to cross back through the barrier. Electronic fences may actually encourage animals to try to escape. Since dogs only suffer painful shocks in the yard, they may associate the shock with the yard itself—once they get out of the yard, the pain goes away. The fact that the pain returns when they try to reenter the yard can cause dogs to believe that they are being punished for returning home. Even when animals are confined within certain boundaries of an electronic fence, they are still in danger of attacks by roaming dogs, cruel humans, or other animals, who can freely enter the property. Electronic fences are a dog thief’s dream come true!  - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals